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We develop Internet and mobile applications for science, industry and NGOs.
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Geo-questionnaire is an online questionnaire coupled with an interactive map, that allows for the collection of two types of data; the data directly linked to geographical features and the data without spatial reference. Spatial attributes are collected through sketching on an interactive map points, lines, or polygons vector features. Each geographical features may be linked to a set of questions linked to its location.

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DeepSleep is an innovative solution assisting parents and child therapists in monitoring, analyzing and improving sleep patterns in children aged 0-6. It consists of three separate elements: a sleep monitoring device, dedicated smartphone application and cloud based web services which together provide therapeutic tips in real time, aid to correct improper behaviour patterns and stabilize sleep and wake cycles.

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AdWise is a loyalty system with multi level marketing discount commisioning. Users collect virtual discount cards and get bonuses on every usage.

About us

We develop Internet and mobile applications for science, industry and NGOs.
blockchain, crypto currency, machine learning, multiple criteria decision analysis, sharing economy, metaheuristics optimization

Our research interests include: blockchain, machine learning, knowledge discovery, image and sound recognition, metaheuristics optimization, multiple criteria decision analysis, investor wallets‘ optimization, cryptocurrency markets and participatory economy.

We love Python, Java, Javascript, React, Angular, C++ and all great related frameworks.

Together with our clients, we build our solutions based on Design Thinking methodology. This approach gives us a deep understanding of our customer’s background and his/her real issues. Getting more and more empathy, we brainstorm solutions and choose best options to make prototype. After several iterations, we start building the final product according to Scrum methodology, with technologies suitable for a particular solution.

  • Django, NumPy, SciPy

  • AngularJS, JQuery, React

  • Android, iOS, Xamarin

  • C, C#, Go, Java (Play, Eclipse RCP)